Klasse: Natuurwetenschappen

Sinds: 31/12/2000

Lidmaatschap: Buitenlands lid

Titel: Prof.

Discipline: Natuurkunde


  • Buitenlands lid van de Klasse Natuurwetenschappen (KVAB)
  • Member of Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harvard University

Franklin Professor of Applied Physics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard Director Materials Research Laboratory (1990-98) Director Rowland Institute (2002-13) Interim Dean Engineering (2008-09). Lid National Academy of Engineering (USA), Fellow American Physical Society, Fellow Materials Research Society, Fellow TMS.

Activiteit: Research interests span a wide range of experimental and theoretical topics in materials science, such as amorphous metals and semiconductors (viscosity, diffusion, mechanical properties), the structure and thermodynamics of interfaces (crystal/melt, amorphous/crystalline semiconductors, grain boundaries), mechanical properties of thin films, the perfection of silicon crystals for metrological applications, and colloidal systems as models for the study of dynamics and defects in crystals and glasses.

Prijzen: Acta Metallurgica et Materialia Outstanding Paper Award (1994), Woody Award (1998), Humboldt Research Award for Senior US Scientists (1999).

Opleiding: Burgerlijk metaalkundig ingenieur (1971) KU Leuven, Ph.D. Applied Physics (1975) universiteit Harvard. Professor (1983), universiteit Harvard.